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Alfityanu Humanitaire International

Who we are

Alfityanu Humanitarian International is part of a global humanitarian network of several associations, apolitical and non-governmental (NGO). Our goal is to fight extreme poverty and unequal opportunities.

We are also committed to promoting equal rights and opportunities, social peace and sustainable economic, social and environmental development.

A global approach

Alfityanu Humanitarian International’s network conducts programs of humanitarian activities such as income generation, food security, access to education and health. In all our programs, we focus on women, who are particularly affected by poverty around the world.

The involvement of local communities

Our projects tackle the real needs of communities. Our programs are particularly adapted to the expectations and cultural specificities of the populations. Our actions are based on the participation of our partner associations and local actors. Their involvement is essential for the development and running of programs.

Local and qualified partners

Alfityanu Humanitarian International’s intervention force lies in the expertise of its members in the field. All programs are executed and supervised in partnership with the partner associations of the Alfityanu Humanitarian network on site. The fact that the members of our network come from the countries in which we engage ensures the sustainability of projects and enhances local skills.