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Alfityanu Humanitare – the network

Alfityanu Humanitaire – a global network

AHI brings together 8 national associations working together for the development and implementation of our humanitarian programs around the world.

Members are independent organizations. Each of the Alfityanu Humanitarian associations is established in a different country and according to the laws of this country:

Alfityanu Humanitaire International (Luxembourg) (alfityanu.org)
Alfityanu Humanitaire France (france.alfityanu.org)
Alfityanu Humanitaire Senegal (senegal.alfityanu.org)
Alfityanu Humanitaire England (uk.alfityanu.org)
Alfityanu Humanitaire North America / United States (usa.alfityanu.org)
Alfityanu Humanitaire Gambia (gambia.alfityanu.org)
Alfityanu Humanitaire Nigeria (nigeria.alfityanu.org)
Alfityanu Humanitaire Spain (es.alfityanu.org)

How does the AHI network work?

Each of our members brings his will and his individual skills, whether technical, human resource or financing.

Each of our national associations appoints delegates who join together on a board of directors to coordinate all operations in our countries of intervention.

AHI in numbers:

  • Present in 8 countries
  • 5 permanent programs in the field
  • > 200 employees, most of whom come from countries where the AHI network is involved